Inforce Taschenlampe LED White

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Inforce Taschenlampe LED White


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Inforce Taschenlampe LED White

  • Fully multi-mission capable, the INFORCE White flashlight is designed to deliver precise lighting performance at three levels of light intensity. When required it can operate as a high-intensity signal/ reconnaissance and navigation beacon, and has a built-in disorienting CQB strobe™ for use during search and entry engagements and operations.
  • The INFORCE Series has been engineered to allow for quick and easy operation with single-hand control of a multi-function tailcap switch.
  • Mission-Ready White Light
  • Whether weapon mounted or hand operated, no other primary white light provides greater functionality and versatility.


  • CARBON FIBER BODY: Ultralight and strong carbon fiber composite body saves weight and withstands rigors of combat
  • ONE-HAND OPERATION: Simple, reliable, intuitive tailcap switch for single-handed operation of programs and modes
  • STAINLESS-STEEL BELT CLIP: Replaceable clip attaches securely to MOLLE vest
  • 4.4 oz. WEIGHT WITH BATTERIES: Designed to help alleviate the burden troops carry in the field
  • WATERPROOF TO 66 FEET: Premium grade O-rings seal out water down to 66 feet as well as keep out dust and dirt
  • SCALLOPED HEAD: Designed to let light “spill out” to indicate if flashlight is on while in upright position
  • BUILT-IN LANYARD HOLE: Designed to accept standard 550 parachute cord
  • LITHIUM POWERED: For maximum performance and longer battery life
  • SOLID STATE TECHNOLOGY: Incorporating high-performance LEDs and circuitry for unsurpassed performance under all conditions
  • PROPRIETARY POWER REGULATION: Internal power regulator provides uniform light output and maximizes battery life and run time
  • PATENTED HEAT RELEASING VENTS: keep the flashlight cool and comfortable to hold
  • POWERFUL LEDs: Long-lasting, shock-resistant, unbreakable LEDs for strong and reliable lighting
  • BRILLIANT BEAM: Custom-tuned optics for a powerful hot spot and balanced peripheral lighting
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